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Elementary Schools Middle School Schools High School Schools
Belton Elementary Belton Middle School BHP High School
Calhoun Arts Academy Glenview Middle School Crescent High School
Cedar Grove Elementary Honea Path Middle School Palmetto High School
Centerville Elementary McCants Middle School Pendleton High School
Concord Elementary Palmetto Middle School Powdersville High School
Concrete Primary Powdersville Middle School T. L. Hanna High School
Flat Rock Elementary Riverside Middle School Westside High School
Homeland Park Elementary Robert Anderson Middle School Wren High School
Honea Path Elementary Southwood Middle School  
Hunt Meadows Starr-Iva Middle School  
Iva Elementary School Wren Middle School  
La France Elementary    
Marshall Primary    
McLees Elementary    
Midway Elementary    
Mt. Lebanon Elementary    
Nevitt Forest Elementary    
New Prospect Elementary    
Palmetto Elementary    
Pendleton Elementary    
Powdersville Elementary    
Spearman Elementary    
Starr Elementary School    
Townville Elementary    
Varennes Elementary    
West Pelzer Elementary    
Whitehall Elementary    
Wren Elementary    


homes for sale in tl hanna high school district

Featured Homes - Hanna School District

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homes for sale in west side high school district anderson sc

Featured Homes - Westside School District

pendleton high school area homes for sale

 Featured Homes - Pendleton District


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