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This section will show you many things that potential home buyers don't find appealing.  These are things that can be changed to increase the value and make a home sell faster.

In this photo the wall is a turquoise blue.  Although some may like this room, it could be a potential turn off for some buyers.  In this case the entire atmosphere of this room could be changed by painting it a netural earth tone colors.  Remembers buyers like to be able to visualize their furniture in your home and a color like this could be a show stopper. 
Painting Paneling
Some older home have dark paneling.  You can see in this photo that you can prime and paint the dark paneling to make a room look brighter and more updated.  This is a low cost alternative to replacing the paneling with drywall.
Home Selling Tips
If you have dated or dirty carpet, clean or replace it before putting your home on the market.  A buyer may be turned off by a home they feel needs to be fixed up.
More Helpful Photos Coming Soon! 



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