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Lots for Sale in Tugaloo Bay

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Sold Homes at Tugaloo Bay Subdivision - Lake Hartwell

AddressClosing DateLake FrontSold Price
278 Bow Court 9/18/15 Yes $217,500
174 Lake Club Circle 8/14/15 Yes $323,000
Lot 147 Arrowhead Drive 8/18/14 Yes $170,000
510 Arrowhead Drive 6/26/14 Yes $220,000
518 Lake Club Circle 5/1/14 Yes $232,000
1703 Harbor Light Marina Road 3/28/14 No $87,000
61 Arrow Court 11/8/13 Yes $297,000
192 Harbor Heights Lane 8/22/13 Yes $292,000
85 Teepee Lane 5/13/13 No $84,000
488 Lake Club Circle 4/12/13 Yes $186,400
550 Arrowhead Drive 2/12/13 Yes $300,000
54 Sunset Point 7/23/12 Yes $455,500
314 Lake Club Circle 5/30/12 Yes $286,000
250 Harbor Heights Circle 7/28/11 Yes $325,000
155 Bow Court 1/28/10 Yes $370,000

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