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Homes for Sale near Carter Oaks Subdivision

Map of Homes for Sale near Carter Oaks for Sale

Sold Properties in Carter Oaks Subdivision

AddressAsking PriceClosing DateSold PriceDays On Market
0 Carter Hall Drive $29,900 4/21/14 $18,000 267
108 Carter Oaks Drive $419,000 6/21/13 $387,840 112
112 Carter Oaks Drive $695,000 10/12/11 $590,000 100
#14 Carter Oaks Drive $70,000 4/1/08 $70,000 22
102 Carter Oak Dr $295,000 3/30/07 $290,000 172
102 Carter Oaks Dr $329,900 6/25/04 $329,900 96
105 Carter Oaks $410,000 3/9/04 $395,000 6
105 Carter Oaks Dr. $364,000 9/4/03 $335,000 107
102 Carter Oak Drive $319,900 11/21/02 $250,000 345


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